AAC is all of the tools we use to communicate in addition to or instead of verbal speech. Augmentative means “to supplement” so this includes things that make communication easier, such as pointing, gesturing, or even text messaging. Alternative means “instead of” so it includes things that completely replace verbal speech, such as using symbols to communicate. Often, an AAC system includes a combination of many different ways of communicating, such as facial expressions, gestures, and sign language, and sometimes includes more “high-tech” tools such as a communication device or iPad.

Jabbergym has licensed speech language pathologists that specialize in helping a child develop an AAC system that best meets their individual needs. Our goal is to help your child find tools that allow your child to express their needs, share their opinions, and participate in social opportunities with their family and friends.

AAC related services at Jabbergym include:

  • Evaluation to determine what type of AAC system best suits the needs of your child and family
  • Support for acquiring funding for speech generating devices
  • Consultation and troubleshooting for a current AAC device
  • Training for family and team members on strategies and use of an AAC system
  • On-going speech language therapy implementing AAC systems